Steve Des Landes

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Steve Des Landes

Steve Des Landes studio

Steve Des Landes - Bessers 'O' The BarnBessers ‘O’ the Barn. Cast Aluminium ( 1.6 x 4.9 m) 2009.

Steve Des Landes


Steve des Landes works from his home-studio in Oxton, Wirral. His works possess a strong sensitivity to the relationship of colour and form. His images are not just intended to show us an external visual life but, through his landscapes and his figure studies, the unfolding of an unconscious world within the symbols of treasured artefacts and the power of broken dreams.


The main sources of des Landes’ inspiration come from the English visionary landscape tradition and from German expressionism. His apparent efforts to render his figures naturalistically can be misleading. The visual language he uses may be conventional but the space is always illusionary and what is shown is only a representation of his internal world of imagination and feeling.


The figures captured in his studies are not the young and fresh faced ingénues in life, but more interesting subjects, marked by their lives and caught in a life beyond their own understanding. His landscapes are lush, timeless places, invoking an intuitive world of nature, but again, not nature as we see it, but more interestingly, nature as we feel it.

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